A profession which includes buying, selling or renting the property is known as Real estate business. It is fully legalized term as per the law of India. Briefly, we could understand this as “this is a property which consists of land area within the property arena, all building as well as resources over there like water, minerals, forest, crop field. If we talk about real estate business in Singapore then we will see there is the undisputed scope of progress in there. We know a huge number of people come to spend their holiday in Singapore. There is lots of standing building which writes the story of the success of real estate business in Singapore.

There is a saying that “to test the fruit you should go with the root”. So in this segment, we will discuss from the basic. There is four kinds of real estate. They are residential, commercial, industrial, land and each have their own norms but the basic is same everywhere in the world.

Various types of real estate

There is four type of real estate business which is flourishing enormously day by day. One by one we will discuss this real estate type below here:-

  • Residential type of real estate

This type of real estate deals with two kinds of building construction. First is the building which is new constructed and ready to be sold for the first time whereas there is a building which is going to be resold.

  • Commercial type of real estate

This real estate deals with property on which there is a mall, education center, hotels, Apartments etc and used for commercial purpose. In this, the owner owned the income produced.

  • Industrial type of real estate

This includes the big production company, research centers, a large warehouse etc.

  • Land-based real estate

This is a type of real estate in which the businessman use to deal with vacant land. These vacant land further could include some under development, not develop or property for reuse.

Real estate in Singapore

Every day people are coming with an innovative idea because we know “Idea rules the world”. Same as in real estate business competition among businessman is increasing gradually and nobody wants to stay back. In order to attract customer to fix the deal real estate businessman come up with some interesting idea like property launch. This concept is widely shown in Singapore. The dealer shows his property in a great manner, it creates an illusion about property and customer wants to buy that property only. Apart from this, they use to give a welcome package, experimental package and many more. Riverfront Launches, Margaret Neville, Stirling Residences, Woodleigh Condo, The Lovell etc are upcoming condo launches in Singapore.


In the business of real estate, the property is sold in various ways but now a day’s proper marketing plays a vital role. Property launch or condo launch is also a kind of marketing as competition is increasing day by day among the businessman. Today people want quantity with quality or I can say they want the best thing at a cheap rate. Main idea and working principle are somehow same for India, Singapore or any other countries but better Idea always leads to success.